Update on proposed Cycle Lane along Salthill Promenade

Below a copy of the memo prepared by Galway City Council to provide an update on the City Council’s progress on the motion on putting a cycleway along the PROM in Salthill.

The motion passed by councillors, apparently without debate was:

“That Galway City Council shall urgently seek to create a two-way segregated cycle track on a temporary basis along the coastal side of Salthill promenade, specifically the R336 from the junction with Grattan Road up to the junction of the Prom/Blackrock Tower and a one way cycle track from the latter junction up to where the R336 meets with the R337, and shall immediately apply for COVID 19 funding or any available alternative source of funding to facilitate this”.

Possible repercussions of this could potentially be a one way traffic system for motor vehicles along the Prom, rerouted traffic through other areas, longer bus and other motor journeys and longer journey times, increased emissions due to driving longer routes, more congestion on alternative routes, loss of parking spaces and taxi rank spaces.

Read or download the report below.

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