Large Water Outage – West Side of Galway City

Due to third-party works a large watermain has been compromised and as a result, a very large, unplanned water outage will occur in the west side of Galway city.

Galway City Council are assisting the Developer to restore supply.

The outage will affect the following areas: Salthill, Lower Salthill, Dominick Street & west end of city centre, Newcastle, University Rd, St Mary’s Road, Taylors Hill, Kingston & south end of Knocknacarra (South of Western Distributor Road).

NOTE: Supply to UCHG is independent and will remain unaffected.

The earliest return of supply is estimated to be 6pm.

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2021 Starts with Lockdown


Galway City Council acting on a request from the Gardaí have put measures in place to prevent parking in Salthill. The measures have been taken in the interests of public health. Cones and barriers are in place along the Prom, the car parks are blocked off. So is access to the diving tower at Blackrock and the road to Silver Strand.

The virus spreads from person to person so the most effective way to halt its spread is for us all to stay apart. Doing so could save your life or that of someone you care for.

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Salthill Approaching Mid-December

Flower Shop

Site of Finan's house

Site of Finan’s House and site of Warrick Hotel behind it. The former to be built upon with two blocks of apartments. The latter a nursing home.

Site of Finan's and Warwic

Red Flags

No not communist China with all the red flags but capitalist Salthill.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops the big winners this year.

New bicycle rack

Bicycle racks put up in Salthill car park.

Santa Claus

Some big guy with a white beard.

new seats at Salthill Park

New seats at Salthill Park replacing the old broken ones.

Coffee on the Beach

Coffee on the beach in December!

bicycle rack on Prom

New bicycle racks on the Prom.

The Prom

Where else? The Prom.

Ruined house at Blackrock

Old ruined house at Blackrock to become new coffee shop.

New Lights at Blackrock

New LED lighting at Blackrock.

Cable laid for lights

Cabling laid for new LED lights along walkway from Blackrock, by golf-links to caravan park.

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Top Five Tips for Shopping Safely Online

With more and more shopping being done online it is important to take reasonable precautions to avoid being scammed. Below are five points to keep in mind.

shop safely online

Why not give the gift of education? Galway Maths Grinds online resource packs can be accessed from anywhere and whenever it suits as long as you have an internet connection. Material can be downloaded to your own device to allow you work offline. Courses for Junior Cert or Leaving Cert subjects contain the material for ordinary and for higher level courses so if you change mid-stream you still have the right material.

online maths and physics course

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Salthill in November

So we got a few really wet days. But flowers in the garden, crowds on the Prom, big increase in the numbers taking a daily dip in the sea. Not exactly our typical November.

swimming at Salthill

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Approaching Christmas in Anxious Times

 They started putting up the Christmas lights today,
 although through November we are just halfway.
 We look forward with a mixture of hope and fear.
 Not yet sure what will pass for Christmas this year.
 Can loved ones travel home?
 Or must they stay away; perhaps alone.
 If it transpires that they must,
 because of this virus with which the world is cursed,
 at least we can make calls on zoom,
 send cards or hampers or simply phone to try and lift the gloom.
 Mother's hairdresser phoned in tears,
 to say she is closing her business of many years.
 It is not that she has a choice.
 It is not fair. It is not nice.
 Lifting Lock-down now is too late,
 for her and many others who face a similar fate.
 While there are those that can't survive,
 there are others who not only can, but can thrive.
 Hand sanitisers and take-out coffee are among the winners.
 As are DIY supplies and click and collect dinners.
 For now safety depends on using simple tools.
 For now we follow these basic survival rules;
 isolate, distance, sanitise and mask up.
 Beyond that we await the scientists doing their stuff.
 We await the production of some new medicine.
 We await in hope a new vaccine. 

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Going to Level 5?

As the summer amusements are taken down,

an unusual stillness pervades the town.

The winter months secure their hold,

as temperatures change from mild to cold.

As we survey the situation we find ourselves in,

the immediate future looks quite grim.

We are facing ever rising cost

in terms of lives and livelihoods lost.

While they are preparing us for Level 5

they debate priorities; keeping people or economy alive?

But oh! It makes me shudder

when I realise how much each affects the other.

Glad that I don’t have to choose,

which should win and which should lose.

The certainties that I had yesterday,

upon reflection no longer hold their sway.

I’ll just do what I can do,

and probably the same applies to you.

I will have to curtail my plans.

And after each interaction wash my hands.

I will wear my mask,

as I go about my task.

As best I can, I’ll stay apart,

especially from those close to my heart.

When all is quite I take a walk,

and use the phone when I want to talk.

Such simple things will keep me sane.

Beyond that, its just a waiting game

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Budget adds another 50 cent to price of packet on Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, you are undoubtedly aware of the harmful impact smoking has on your health. The warnings on cigarette packages may be white noise to you, but you know they’re there, and you’re probably well aware that smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, and other smoking-related illnesses.

And as damaging as smoking can be to your health, it also has a considerable negative effect on your financial health. Spending a few euros for a single pack of smokes may seem relatively harmless, but the cost of maintaining this habit long-term is anything but.

How Much Do You Spend?
If you’ve never calculated the cost of your smoking, you may be shocked to find out what it adds up to over an extended period of time. Figure out what you spend in a week, month, and year, as well as over 10-year and 20-year periods and longer. Here is a handy calculator you can use.

Taking the average cost of a pack of cigarettes to be €14, means a pack-a-day habit sets you back €420 per month or €5110 per year. Ten years of smoking comes with a €51,100 price tag if the price remained constant, but of course it does not. It tends to rise with every budget, so if we assume say an average 6% increase per annum the 10 year cost figure grows to €76,505 and over 20 years to €204,363. And if you are paying for these out of after tax income, some people will have to earn twice that amount to feed their habit. Think of all the things you could do if you had saved all that money.

cost of smoking table

Consider what you are sacrificing to support your smoking habit. Could the money you allocate to cigarettes be put to better use by saving it, funding college for your kids, putting it towards the purchase of a house, contributing to retirement, or spending it on some other needed purchase or a vacation?

Each time you make a cigarette purchase, you are deciding between funding your future or funding a habit that harms it.

The Cost Extends Beyond the Price of Cigarettes
Of course, the expense of smoking goes further than just the price of a pack of your favorite brand. Smokers have to deal with higher premiums for life insurance as well as other ancillary expenses like dental hygiene; increased cleaning costs of homes, cars, and clothing; and lower resale values of property. Add the costs associated with lost productivity while at work or smoking-related sick days, and the financial impact of this habit begins to amass greatly.

The grip of smoking is tough to break, but you have a lot to gain—both financially and otherwise—by kicking the habit. And help is available. Check out or

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Salthill Post Office has moved

From Monday, September 14th, 2020, Salthill Post Office has moved to O’Connor’s Centra shop.

You have to go in through the shop towards the back to reach the post office.

The old location is now available to rent.

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Why I am wearing a Mask

Why I am wearing a mask –
🔵 I am educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.
🔵 No, I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
🔵 I don’t feel like the “government is controlling me” any more than when I wear a seat belt, don’t drive drunk, obey the speed limit, or stop at a red light.
🔵 The world doesn’t revolve around me. It’s not all about me and my comfort.
🔵 If we all could follow these simple steps, the virus could be under control, and businesses back open.
🔵 Wearing a mask doesn’t make me weak, scared, stupid, or even “controlled.” It makes me considerate.
🔵 When you think about how you look, how uncomfortable it is, or what others think of you, just imagine someone close to you – a child, a father, a mother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent – choking on a respirator, alone without you or any family member allowed at bedsides

Wearing a mask is not political. It’s public health! (I don’t constantly wear a mask, but I do in public areas, eg. Supermarkets !)

The above was copied from a Facebook post but it sums up nicely why we should wear facemasks when close to other people. More and more people are wearing masks. They have even become a fashion item. But unfortunately there are still too many thoughtless, inconsiderate people, who refuse to accept that the way they behave can determine whether someone else might live or die or live with serious health issues going forward. You may at some level have some right to take chances with your own health, but you have absolutely no right to take chances with the health of those around you.
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