House Sitters

House Sitters can help care for your home while you are on holidays or have to leave it unattended for a while.

We can ensure that there is no visible build up of post, or that the Galway Advertiser is not left sticking out of the letter box, and take care of any other give away signs that the house might be unoccupied.

Perhaps you are concerned that a newspaper notice of a family event like a wedding or a funeral may highlight to the wrong people that the house could be unoccupied for a certain time.

A house left in darkness or observed not to have any recent comings or goings may become a target. An empty driveway where there is usually a car parked or refuse bins not taken in might also be noticed.

We can help make your home more secure by ensuring post or newspapers are taken from view, have someone turn lights on and off or set them on a timer, park a car in your driveway, have someone be seen coming in and out of the house, leave out or take in bins, open and close blinds and curtains to make the house look occupied. If you expect to be away for an extended period we can redirect your mail to another address or turn over the engine of your car if required.

Even if security is not a concern there may be occasions when you want to accept delivery of a parcel, or let a tradesman in to work in the house but you do not want to take time off work. In these situations we can help. If you want a repair man to fix your washing machine you can give him our contact number. He phones us before his expected arrival, and we can be there with a key to let him in.

If the house is to be left empty during a period of freezing weather conditions we can do regular checks to ensure that heat comes on or in the unfortunate event of burst pipes a plumber is called. Better still if your property is to be unoccupied during a cold spell we can turn off the water supply entering your premises and turn it back on when it is due to be reoccupied.

We can water your plants, feed your goldfish or arrange for your lawn to be cut.

Contact House Sitters at: mobile: 085-1393768 or e-mail: