Application for Communications Tower and associated works at Aras Bóthar na Trá

Planning Notice

A planing notice appeared in yesterday’s Irish Independent (13/5/20) for a free standing support structure  of 18.1m (59.4 feet) for communications equipment, including antennae, dishes etc. together with associated exchange cabinets,  fencing, and site development works at Salthill Knocknacarra GAA, Aras Bóthar na Trá, Doctor Mannix Road.

The application was received in the planning office on 14/5/20  and was assigned file number 20124. Any submissions have to be received by 27/6/20 and a decision is due by 18/7/20.


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Never Waste a Good Crisis

Never waste a good crisis. We may be in various forms of lock down. Our normal work may be stopped or restricted in some way. But with a positive attitude we can often find some advantages in our predicament. The absence of the normal hustle and bustle can give us a chance to think, review how we do things or even what it is we do, plan for the future, consider whether we need to adapt how we operate going forward, find opportunities in the current upheaval, acquire or upgrade a particular skill or knowledge, take a break if needed and concentrate on relationships, catch up on that reading we meant to do, get our quality or health and safety manuals and business procedures written up properly, see how we can collaborate with other local businesses to our mutual benefit, review our life plan and priorities. The list is endless.

There are things we can control or influence and things we can’t. We should be smart enough to accept those we can’t and work on those we can. The spread of Covid-19 is undoubtedly having very serious negative affects on very many people, but all around us there are examples of people adapting to the situation and taking the initiative to control the things they can.

Some businesses like restaurants and cafes are staying open by serving their customers with take away service, some with a click and collect version. Some are advertising that they will reopen with single use menues that will be sent for recycling after a single customer has used them. This goes against the the idea of getting rid of single use items from a green perspective, but it is a response to the current situation. There is a general disapproval of using mobile phones in reastaurants for conversation purposes but perhaps they could be allowed to access an online version of the menue.

Some fashion shops are using video conferencing apps to let customers do a virtual “walk through” of the shop to check out that dress they might buy for example. Auctioneers are using virtual house tours online to allow prospective buyers view properties for sale.

Traditional venues may be closed to entertainers but many are now putting sessions on Facebook or other social media platforms and adding a denote button to receive some compensation. Others are taking the opportunity to develop new material. While some adapt the manner in which they provide their product or service others adapt the product or develop new ones. WFH Furniture have come up with their Porto Desks to cater for the sudden boom in home working. It comes flat-packed in just two parts that fold out and fit together and can be assembled in under a minute with no tools required. When no longer needed, they fold away again.

There’s no reason why tradesmen can’t in many cases offer quotes from a distance if the potential clients use the likes of whatsapp or similar to show a video of the site to be worked on and explain what work they want to get done. Having tradesmen drive thirty miles to look at something only to give a quote for a small job does not really make sense if it can be done remotely, saving travel time and expense. Even if restricted from carrying out the actual work for now, trades people could be looking at their advertising and promotion, and taking orders, or looking at ways to use easily accessible technology to make their business more efficient or cost effective.

Your local man with a van might be delighted to do home deliveries for local businesses within a defined area. A business that already has a delivery service might expand their website and delivery capabilities to include other neighbouring businesses.

The guys putting up the perspex shields at shop counters or the markings on shop floors must have a booming trade that’s likely to last a while as more businesses open up again when restrictions relax. Sales of laptops and home office equipment is another area of opportunity.

Some shops have implemented a one way flow through the premises letting customers in one door and out a different one to better facilitate social distancing. They have hand sanitisers and disposable gloves at the entrance and only allow so many customers in at a time. Others have designated certain days of the week or times of the day for different categories of customer.

Some garment manufacturers have converted some of their capacity to making protective gowns or face masks for which there is a hugh demand. Some breweries and distilleries have converted part of their capacity to manufacture hand sanitisers.

Private tutors like the schools are having varying degrees of success with tutoring online. Galway Maths and Physics Grinds are having success with their online resource packs for Leaving Cert students where they have spent a lot of time and effort bringing resources to one online location so students don’t have to waste a time searching themselves. They can just concentrate on learning the material already gathered into one online pack that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. And all for less than half the cost of a single grind. Students can also get grinds without leaving home via video conferencing technology like google hangouts or whatsapp.

Others may have their work completely stalled for now. But that gives them the opportunity to get around to all the things they keep putting on the long finger when they are busy with their normal day to day work. Is their documentation that needs to be brought up to date. Are their contacts they meant to talk to about collaborating for mutual benefit. Call them now and start the conversation.

I have used some of my down time over the last few months to write some poetry that can be purchased from

Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the London School of Economics have a suggestion: Start off with a four-day in-office work week, followed by 10 days off. Why? It typically takes three days for someone infected with COVID-19 to become infectious to others. So, if someone becomes sick during their in-office period, it’s likely they will be off during the moments they are contagious. Such a method could help reduce the number of new infections, paving a path to a fuller return to working life.

These are just a few examples of how we can be proactive and make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. There are countless other possibilities, limited only by our imaginations.

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Easing of Restrictions does not mean Easing of Social Distancing Requirements

Entrance at Leisureland

The slight easing of restrictions to control the Covid-19 virus, while welcome, does not mean that there is any easing of the requirements for social distancing, good cough hygiene, or frequent hand washing.

As if to emphasise the continued need for caution Galway City Council blocked off the entrance to Leisureland yesterday in a bid to prevent people congregating in the car park there.

Over the last couple of days local hotels also took steps to indicate that their car parks were out of bounds for now.

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Leaving Cert Maths and Physics Online Resource Packs

Leaving Cert Resource Packs

School is out for now but the work still needs to be done. The new target date of late July/ early August for the Leaving Cert exams should help in drawing up a time table to cover what you need to do to complete and revise your courses. But it also means you have to work for a longer period than originally planned. It is important to pace yourself and not become over tired or stressed before the exams take place. If you need to take a complete break for a day or two to rest and recharge, then do so.

The minister’s plans at the moment envisage leaving cert students having two weeks back in school in July before the exams. In planning your work you can only assume for now that this will happen.

I have put together an online Physics resource pack   and an online Maths resource pack which can be purchased from

They contain the following:

A number of publications from Galway Maths Grinds including:

  • Making the most of your Scientific Calculator

  • Google Search for Students

  • Making the most of the Formulae and Tables Booklet

Resources from the State Exams Commission website gathered here for convenient access:

  • Past exam papers

  • Marking Schemes

  • Advice from Chief Examinations Officer

  • Course Syllabus

Links to useful websites and video tutorials

Facility to download sheets of graph paper to print off.

Advice on how to prepare for and approach the examination

For the next couple of weeks they can be purchased from for less than half the price of a single grind.


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Nature and its beauty is free to everyone

Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom

A word I seldom use is “Awesome”,

But it could certainly be used to describe the Cherry Blossom.

It brightens our lives in April time,

And of summer’s approach, it is a sign.

And says that winter to memory we can consign.

With a mass of pink, and sometimes white,

the cherry blossom is a a lovely sight.

The lovely flowers don’t last that long.

In a few short weeks they’re all gone.

But even as they fall, they please.

They fall like confetti with the breeze.

As the flowers from the trees are shedding,

it may bring to mind thoughts of nature’s wedding.

At this stage its a job well done.

Time to go out, enjoy the sun.

Nature and its beauty is free to everyone.

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (

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Lock Down Tightens in Salthill

Salthill Park Closed

entrances to Salthill Park

entrances to Salthill Park

Barriers along The Prom

Barriers along The Prom

Barriers at Blackrock

Barriers at Blackrock

Blackrock Closed

Blackrock Closed

The City Council workers were out this morning erecting barriers to close off parks, The Prom and Blackrock to discourage people from congregating in groups.

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Pandemic – making it through

Covid-19 poster

The invisible enemy has been named Covid-19.

This pandemic is unlike anything that most of us have ever seen.

It will be tough but we’ll get through.

How hard it gets depends on what we do.

Its not natural to segregate,

as we lock down and await out fate.

But we are asked to stick together by being apart.

Stay away from those close to your heart.

Please understand that keeping “social distance”,

really will make all the difference.

Follow correct etiquette if you cough or sneeze,

so we can limit the spread of this disease.

One more thing the fight demands,

is simply that we often wash our hands.



At a minimum, these are the tactics we must employ,

if the enemy we are to stop and ultimately destroy.

Yes, isolation will be hard.

And of fatigue we must be on our guard.

And when the going gets really tough,

we must find ways to keep out spirits up.

In place of out stretched hand and caring touch,

in place of close company we crave so much,

we need ways to communicate our love and care,

and the feelings we want to share.

Its not natural to be in this state,

self-imposing isolation as we await our fate.

Some are really fearful and alone.

Their only contact might be by phone.

So make that call, send that text or post that letter.

You and they will both feel better.

So whether close or far away,

make that contact, now, today.

But keep in mind the restriction,

and the purpose of the isolation.

This is going to take a little while,

so seek out things that make you smile.

Meanwhile stay safe and stay apart.

We must endure but don’t lose heart.


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Illegal Signage at Pearse Stadium finally removed.

We have received formal notification from Galway City Council that the illegally erected signage at Pearse Stadium has been removed and that the warning letter and enforcement notice has now been withdrawn. Enforcement proceedings have been discontinued in this case.

Illegal signs pearse stadiumWe are happy that this particular issue has finally been settled. However, it is not acceptable that it took 20 months to do so, nor that we had to seek help from the Office of the Ombudsman to have the case dealt with. It has cost the residents and the local authority to reach this stage. And at the end of the day, some may think it unreasonable that the serial offender received no penalty for not only flouting the law, but doing so up to the last before court proceedings would take place.


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Who owns this Bike?

Child's bike locked to pole.

Child’s bike looking to be reunited with its owner.

Do you know who this bike belongs to? If yes let us know or contact Salthill garda station.

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Free Stuff and Things to do during COVID-19 Crisis


Salthill Services have done up a little Colouring Book  for you. Print off the whole document or individual pages as you wish.

To access all ten books in Folan’s “Extra!” series of Leaving Cert Textbooks, click on the following link:

Free minicourse on mental maths for quick calculations.

For all those parents wondering what to do with their youngsters with the schools closed – help is at hand. A wide array of writers and celebrities are now reading and recording children’s stories on social media, to assist the many mothers and fathers rapidly running out of ideas.  These celebrity narrations are hoping to inspire and entertain, and maybe, just maybe, grant you some peace and quiet.

Celebrity book readings are not exclusive to the coronavirus era, and YouTube contains a large archive of children’s recordings narrated by A-listers of all kinds. Courtesy of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Storyline Online hopes to raise literacy in English speaking countries the world over, and claims to record 100 million views per year.


Explore the wonders of the National Gallery of Ireland’s collection with a virtual tour at

Experience what life was like for passengers boarding the Titanic in Cobh through


Remember you can get the following radio and TV stations via your TV.


Radio Station




RTE news now


Tithe an Oireachtas


RTE radio 1


RTE radio 1 extra




RTE Lyric FM


Radio na Gaeltachta


RTE Pulse




RTE Junior Radio


RTE Gold


Radio Maria Ireland


And if you’re asking “What’s the catch with a lot of the free stuff?” — it’s basically twofold. Firstly, many of these services are ad-supported — just like good old-fashioned commercial TV. And secondly, like everything else online, they’re undoubtedly harvesting data from you. So before you sign up and dive in, just keep those two things in mind.

Was going to do a list of things myself but Shane Hastings already has a nice one here

Here’s another:

Intend to add updates over next few days. Feel free to make suggestions.


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