Salthill Post Office has moved

From Monday, September 14th, 2020, Salthill Post Office has moved to O’Connor’s Centra shop.

You have to go in through the shop towards the back to reach the post office.

The old location is now available to rent.

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Why I am wearing a Mask

Why I am wearing a mask –
🔵 I am educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.
🔵 No, I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
🔵 I don’t feel like the “government is controlling me” any more than when I wear a seat belt, don’t drive drunk, obey the speed limit, or stop at a red light.
🔵 The world doesn’t revolve around me. It’s not all about me and my comfort.
🔵 If we all could follow these simple steps, the virus could be under control, and businesses back open.
🔵 Wearing a mask doesn’t make me weak, scared, stupid, or even “controlled.” It makes me considerate.
🔵 When you think about how you look, how uncomfortable it is, or what others think of you, just imagine someone close to you – a child, a father, a mother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent – choking on a respirator, alone without you or any family member allowed at bedsides

Wearing a mask is not political. It’s public health! (I don’t constantly wear a mask, but I do in public areas, eg. Supermarkets !)

The above was copied from a Facebook post but it sums up nicely why we should wear facemasks when close to other people. More and more people are wearing masks. They have even become a fashion item. But unfortunately there are still too many thoughtless, inconsiderate people, who refuse to accept that the way they behave can determine whether someone else might live or die or live with serious health issues going forward. You may at some level have some right to take chances with your own health, but you have absolutely no right to take chances with the health of those around you.
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Planning Permission granted for Telecommunications Tower at Arus Bóthar na Trá

Galway City Council has granted planning permission for the erection of a communications tower behind the Salthill-Knocnacarra clubhouse on Dr. Mannix Road.

Three conditions were attached.

planning conditions


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When your finding life full of trouble and toil,
that is the perfect time to crack a smile.
Whether you come first or last in the race,
don’t forget to wear a happy face.
At times when life denies you lucky breaks,
when all you seem to do is make mistakes,
when you are sad and feeling blue,
this one thing will help you through.
It takes little effort and is well worth while.
The thing to do is simply smile.

Not only does this work for you.
Amazingly, it works for others too.
What you send out gets reflected back.
Smile at them and they smile right back.

If you find you wear a frown,
remember it is just a smile upside down.
If you form the habit of turning it right way up,
You’ll suddenly find that life’s not quite as rough.
But for the times that are not that smooth,
a simply smile can lift the mood.

I wish that they would teach in school,
what I like to call the “happy rule”.
In order to be content a while,
all you got to do is smile.

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (

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What a Pity

The missing Horse-chestnut Tree

In front of a house, close by the sea,

there stood a beautiful horse-chestnut tree.

How long it stood exactly, I do not know.

But it must have been a hundred years or so.

For the two hours it took to cut it down,

I looked on in sadness and with a frown.

It was dangerously close to the house, I know.

Still, what a pity to see it go.

Now, when out my window I stare,

I takes a moment to realise its no longer there.

There’s something missing for me.

Its the beautiful horse-chestnut tree.

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (

Lovely chestnut tree on Rockbarton Road.

chestnut tree

Perhaps well over a hundred years to this.

After another 20 minutes

chestnut tree

chestnut tree

after 90 minutes

After 93 minutes

After 96 minutes

After 2 hours

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City Hall is closed to the public – procedure to make submission on planning application

Note that City Hall is closed to the public due to covid-19 restrictions.  You can only be seen by appointment. If you wish to make an appointment ring 091-636400.
There is only space for a limited number of appointments.
If you wish to make submissions on a planning application you can use one of the following options.
  1. Send your submission by email to and ring 091-636400 to pay the 20 euro fee by phone.
  2. Drop your submission in the letterbox to the right of the main door into City Hall and ring 091-636400 to pay the 20 euro fee by phone or pay by enclosing a cheque or money order with your submission. Do not enclose cash.
  3. Post it in and ring 091-636400 to pay the 20 euro fee by phone or pay by enclosing a cheque or money order. Do not enclose cash.
The deadline is 4pm on this Friday, June 27th and is strictly observed. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered.
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Procedures for returning to Mass in Salthill

parish newsletter

Initially very few will be able to attend in person as the restrictions are gradually eased. In the meantime Mass on the webcam will continue daily at 10am. Find it at

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Planning Application for Communications Tower at the Arus – Update

Arus planning application

Files for planning application number 20/124 have now been scanned so the public can view them online at

Permission is sought to install an 18.1m (59.4 feet) multi-user free standing support structure carrying telecommunications equipment including antennas, RRUs and dishes, together with associated exchange cabinets, fencing and all associated site development works.

The proposed project seeks permission to put the tower and associated works on a 41.25 square metre (441 square feet) area directly behind the Arus Bóthar na Trá club house at the Salthill-Knocknacarra GAA grounds, Dr. Mannix Road. Taking 3 metres per floor as typical this would equate to the height of a 6 story building.

Any submissions have to be received by 27/6/20.

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Application for Communications Tower and associated works at Aras Bóthar na Trá

Planning Notice

A planing notice appeared in yesterday’s Irish Independent (13/5/20) for a free standing support structure  of 18.1m (59.4 feet) for communications equipment, including antennae, dishes etc. together with associated exchange cabinets,  fencing, and site development works at Salthill Knocknacarra GAA, Aras Bóthar na Trá, Doctor Mannix Road.

The application was received in the planning office on 14/5/20  and was assigned file number 20124. Any submissions have to be received by 27/6/20 and a decision is due by 18/7/20.


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Never Waste a Good Crisis

Never waste a good crisis. We may be in various forms of lock down. Our normal work may be stopped or restricted in some way. But with a positive attitude we can often find some advantages in our predicament. The absence of the normal hustle and bustle can give us a chance to think, review how we do things or even what it is we do, plan for the future, consider whether we need to adapt how we operate going forward, find opportunities in the current upheaval, acquire or upgrade a particular skill or knowledge, take a break if needed and concentrate on relationships, catch up on that reading we meant to do, get our quality or health and safety manuals and business procedures written up properly, see how we can collaborate with other local businesses to our mutual benefit, review our life plan and priorities. The list is endless.

There are things we can control or influence and things we can’t. We should be smart enough to accept those we can’t and work on those we can. The spread of Covid-19 is undoubtedly having very serious negative affects on very many people, but all around us there are examples of people adapting to the situation and taking the initiative to control the things they can.

Some businesses like restaurants and cafes are staying open by serving their customers with take away service, some with a click and collect version. Some are advertising that they will reopen with single use menues that will be sent for recycling after a single customer has used them. This goes against the the idea of getting rid of single use items from a green perspective, but it is a response to the current situation. There is a general disapproval of using mobile phones in reastaurants for conversation purposes but perhaps they could be allowed to access an online version of the menue.

Some fashion shops are using video conferencing apps to let customers do a virtual “walk through” of the shop to check out that dress they might buy for example. Auctioneers are using virtual house tours online to allow prospective buyers view properties for sale.

Traditional venues may be closed to entertainers but many are now putting sessions on Facebook or other social media platforms and adding a denote button to receive some compensation. Others are taking the opportunity to develop new material. While some adapt the manner in which they provide their product or service others adapt the product or develop new ones. WFH Furniture have come up with their Porto Desks to cater for the sudden boom in home working. It comes flat-packed in just two parts that fold out and fit together and can be assembled in under a minute with no tools required. When no longer needed, they fold away again.

There’s no reason why tradesmen can’t in many cases offer quotes from a distance if the potential clients use the likes of whatsapp or similar to show a video of the site to be worked on and explain what work they want to get done. Having tradesmen drive thirty miles to look at something only to give a quote for a small job does not really make sense if it can be done remotely, saving travel time and expense. Even if restricted from carrying out the actual work for now, trades people could be looking at their advertising and promotion, and taking orders, or looking at ways to use easily accessible technology to make their business more efficient or cost effective.

Your local man with a van might be delighted to do home deliveries for local businesses within a defined area. A business that already has a delivery service might expand their website and delivery capabilities to include other neighbouring businesses.

The guys putting up the perspex shields at shop counters or the markings on shop floors must have a booming trade that’s likely to last a while as more businesses open up again when restrictions relax. Sales of laptops and home office equipment is another area of opportunity.

Some shops have implemented a one way flow through the premises letting customers in one door and out a different one to better facilitate social distancing. They have hand sanitisers and disposable gloves at the entrance and only allow so many customers in at a time. Others have designated certain days of the week or times of the day for different categories of customer.

Some garment manufacturers have converted some of their capacity to making protective gowns or face masks for which there is a hugh demand. Some breweries and distilleries have converted part of their capacity to manufacture hand sanitisers.

Private tutors like the schools are having varying degrees of success with tutoring online. Galway Maths and Physics Grinds are having success with their online resource packs for Leaving Cert students where they have spent a lot of time and effort bringing resources to one online location so students don’t have to waste a time searching themselves. They can just concentrate on learning the material already gathered into one online pack that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. And all for less than half the cost of a single grind. Students can also get grinds without leaving home via video conferencing technology like google hangouts or whatsapp.

Others may have their work completely stalled for now. But that gives them the opportunity to get around to all the things they keep putting on the long finger when they are busy with their normal day to day work. Is their documentation that needs to be brought up to date. Are their contacts they meant to talk to about collaborating for mutual benefit. Call them now and start the conversation.

I have used some of my down time over the last few months to write some poetry that can be purchased from

Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the London School of Economics have a suggestion: Start off with a four-day in-office work week, followed by 10 days off. Why? It typically takes three days for someone infected with COVID-19 to become infectious to others. So, if someone becomes sick during their in-office period, it’s likely they will be off during the moments they are contagious. Such a method could help reduce the number of new infections, paving a path to a fuller return to working life.

These are just a few examples of how we can be proactive and make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. There are countless other possibilities, limited only by our imaginations.

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