Road Closure from Claddagh Quay Westbound to Barna Road Junction next Saturday

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Galway City Council has made an order closing:

Salthill & Claddagh (R336): From Claddagh Quay Westbound to Barna Road Junction.

So, for example, traffic going south towards the sea along Rockbarton Road will not be allowed turn right along the Prom.

Period of Closure: From 7.30am – 3.30pm, on 1st October 2022

Reason: To facilitate the Galway Bay Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10K

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Busy Day in Salthill for Cannon Ball Run

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Well done to all involved

Well done to all involved in organising and running the Streets of Galway road race yesterday evening.

In summary the event was:

  • Well organised.
  • Efficiently run.
  • Well marshalled.
  • Took consideration of and liaised with the residents in the areas through which it was run.
  • Invited them to take part if they wished.
  • Keep people well informed well in advance, closer to the day and on the day.
  • Was well signposted with clear, visible signage that was immediately removed on completion of the event.
  • Did an immediate and complete clean up as the last runners passed.
  • Was inclusive and facilitated serious elite runners and those who took part for fun., to raise funds for charity or to meet some private personal target.
  • It catered for ages from young to some in their 80s, all getting equal encouragement from spectators.

People not taking part in the run stopped on the paths along the route or came to their doors and gateways to clap and cheer to encourage the participants.

Again well done.

Some other organisations could learn a lot from them.

Running along Rockbarton Road

Liam, one of the more senior runners took a moment to acknowledge these cheering on
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Burst Water Main – Seamus Quirke Road (Thurs 28.07.2022)

A water main has burst at the playing pitches on Seamus Quirke Road this morning (Thursday 28.07.2022).

Water has been redirected where possible, with repairs on-going throughout the day.

During repairs, higher areas may be without water, with lower pressure in other areas.

Areas affected are shown in the map above.

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Galway Clinic Streets of Galway 8k Road Race 2022

Galway City Harriers are delighted to announce that the 36th edition of the Streets of Galway 8k road race will take place Saturday 6th August at 7pm.

Since its inception in 1986 the event has grown into one of the most prestigious road races in the country, yet remains true to its original motto of Sport for All, as many locals and visitors take on the event year in year out. The event will bring thousands of participants onto the streets of our city and suburbs into what is a fantastic event for the city.

This event is the jewel in the crown of road races in the West and tours through the famous City of the Tribes. The race route starts at Grattan Road beside South Park in the city and takes in many of the sights of Galway city. including the Spanish Arch, Eyre Square, the landmark Galway Cathedral and NUI Galway, and routes out towards Salthill, past Pearse Stadium and then back in the ‘Prom’ along Galway Bay for a fast section into the finish at the historic Claddagh.

To register to take part in the race as one of about 3000 competitors go to

The organising committee will be busy on the day setting up the water station at Pearse stadium and setting out traffic cones, bins, cleaning up etc.

If you want to help out at the water station at Pearse stadium or as a marshal, contact the SOG committee at

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Salthill Live Bank Holiday Music Festival Cancelled

The Salthill Live Music Festival planned for Pearse Stadium on Sunday, June 5th has been cancelled. The line up was to include Nathan Carter, Una Healy, and Sharon Shannon amongst others. Nathan Carter will instead play in Munroe’s pub that night.

I understand that some of the other artists were a bit peeved to learn from members of the public about the cancellation when, they themselves, had not been informed.

The Black Eyed Peas concert on the Saturday is still scheduled to go ahead.

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Today Evil has a Name

Today Evil has a Name

Today evil has a name, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,

Instigator of murderous war, bombing and shooting.

His current aim, the extinction of a free Ukraine.

Women and children forced to flee.

To leave their homeland, where they should be safe and free.

Those who stay dice with death,

in the face of the invaders threat.

Weapons of destruction make noise like thunder,

as flesh and bone of human beings they tear asunder.

Towns, cities and peoples’ lives totally destroyed,

on the command of one who is evil personified.

Citizens raped, murdered, set on fire.

Ambassador Filatov’s denials make him a liar.

Worse; an apologist for crimes against humanity?

The very worst forms of inhumanity.

Tens of thousands have already died.

Their basic human rights denied.

Why this insanity?

Why can’t he let these people be?

We must stand with Ukraine,

and ensure the tyrant’s efforts are in vain.

Today evil has a name. One history will connect with shame.

Today evil has a face. One that will be remembered in ignominy and disgrace.

Today we are called to play our part.

Implementing sanctions is just a start.

But we must do a whole lot more.

So on our behave, Government has promised an open door.

People need a place to live,

And we should share what we can afford to give.

People have a right to live in peace,

And we wish that war and strife would simply cease.

But protecting life, freedom, and democracy is a choice.

One for which we must be prepared to pay the price.

Today evil has a name.

Our choice, oppose it or share the blame.



We all want to help. I have written some poetry for pleasure over the last two years, since the first lockdown began. As a small gesture any profits from the sale of this poetry will be donated to the Irish Red Cross to help with their work for the Ukrainian people.

It may be purchased for €4 via this link.

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A Sense of what being Irish means to Me

At this moment in time as we approach our national holiday we will be organising parades, cultural events and all sorts of activities to acknowledge and give expression to our sense of Irishness. We will feel a pride in who we are that is perhaps heightened around St. Patrick’s Day.

At this moment in time we are at war. Even if bombs are not dropping on our island we are engaged in an economic and ideological battle. Our Ukrainian neighbours are more directly under attack and need our help. Their response to aggression from a neighbour with vastly superior fire power has shown the strength of their feeling of what it means to be Ukrainian. Unfortunately this will cost many of them their lives.

We all want to help. I have written some poetry for pleasure over the last two years, since the first lockdown began. As a small gesture any profits from the sale of this poetry will be donated to the Irish Red Cross to help with their work for the Ukrainian people.

It may be purchased for €4 via this link.

A Sense of what being Irish means to me

What does being Irish mean to me?

More than just a legal definition of nationality.

It is a personal, multifaceted, sense of being.

That depending on context can be somewhat changeable.

And so to some extend undefinable.

Words like heritage, culture, race, nationality come to mind.

Yet each of these in turn are not easily defined.

A birthright tied to a sense of place.

A sense of belonging to a Celtic race.

Like our diaspora, who around the world do roam,

I grow more conscious of it when away from home.

A sense of belonging; to a place, a people, a tribe.

A sense of connection I struggle to describe.

I feel drawn to the land where I and my ancestors were conceived.

To a land into which others, once strangers, are now received.

It is a sense of shared experience.

In a sense a kind of indefinable mystery.

Music, language, history.

No one aspect can define it.

Nor is any one aspect required.

An eclectic mix of many things.

Some things of conscious mind and some of feeling heart.

The total greater than the sum of every part.

Embedded memories of lived experience and folk memory.

My Irishness is an innate sense of identity.

It’s an identity that I hold with pride.

Something held deep inside.

It’s a fundamental aspect of my being.

I can feel it more than explain what it is I mean.

That is what a sense of being Irish means to me.

I am Irish and proud to be.

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Galway council revokes plans for temporary cycleway

Galway City Council has revoked plans for a temporary cycleway along Salthill promenade.

Councillors overturned an earlier decision to support the plan, after concerns from local residents, businesses and emergency services.

After almost four hours of debate they voted 13 to 4 to abandon plans for the cycleway.

Tonight’s vote comes after a couple of weeks of intense debate around two route options put forward by council engineers for the temporary cycling infrastructure.

Almost 7,000 submissions were made to a public consultation process about the proposals, with 60% of respondents opposed both routes, with the traffic and access issues topping the list of concerns.

Emergency services also said that traffic changes would have an impact on access and response times, on the west side of the city and further afield.

Lobbying was intense and some of it went way beyond what could be considered reasonable. Apparently the meeting had been delayed because of a threat made to the City C.E.O. Some councillors had received abusive calls and emails as did their families. There are also reports of a number of false submissions having been made in the names of people who did not actually make submissions at all. Such submissions should be handed over to the gardaí for further investigation to see if it was part of an organised plan or just a few isolated idiots acting badly. Otherwise this tactic could lead to the undermining of our processes for public consultation and local democracy.

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Glór Tíre Competition at Elimination Stages

Galway girl Katelyn Molloy is our favourite on this year’s TG4 country music talent search Glór Tíre,  “voice of the country”.

Katelyn is being mentored by country star Ciarán Rosney in the televised competition. The show, now in its 18th season, has returned to a new studio, set and format. The seven-part series filmed in Studio 5, Cue One in Claregalway, features Ireland’s biggest names in country music including Johnny Brady, Ciarán Rosney, Olivia Douglas and Mike Denver, who are each mentoring two contestants.

The initial eight contestants is now down to five who will face the public vote that will reduce the number to three on Tuesday, February 15th (9.30-10.30pm) and the overall winner will be declared at the final on the following Tuesday, the 22nd.

With the New Glor Tire App you can vote for your favourite contestants and keep up to date with the mentors and the contestants throughout the series. You get five free votes, and if you wish you may purchase additional votes.

To avail of five free votes download the app from:

Glór Tíre on the App Store ( or GlorTire – Apps on Google Play

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