Pandemic – making it through

Covid-19 poster

The invisible enemy has been named Covid-19.

This pandemic is unlike anything that most of us have ever seen.

It will be tough but we’ll get through.

How hard it gets depends on what we do.

Its not natural to segregate,

as we lock down and await out fate.

But we are asked to stick together by being apart.

Stay away from those close to your heart.

Please understand that keeping “social distance”,

really will make all the difference.

Follow correct etiquette if you cough or sneeze,

so we can limit the spread of this disease.

One more thing the fight demands,

is simply that we often wash our hands.



At a minimum, these are the tactics we must employ,

if the enemy we are to stop and ultimately destroy.

Yes, isolation will be hard.

And of fatigue we must be on our guard.

And when the going gets really tough,

we must find ways to keep out spirits up.

In place of out stretched hand and caring touch,

in place of close company we crave so much,

we need ways to communicate our love and care,

and the feelings we want to share.

Its not natural to be in this state,

self-imposing isolation as we await our fate.

Some are really fearful and alone.

Their only contact might be by phone.

So make that call, send that text or post that letter.

You and they will both feel better.

So whether close or far away,

make that contact, now, today.

But keep in mind the restriction,

and the purpose of the isolation.

This is going to take a little while,

so seek out things that make you smile.

Meanwhile stay safe and stay apart.

We must endure but don’t lose heart.


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Illegal Signage at Pearse Stadium finally removed.

We have received formal notification from Galway City Council that the illegally erected signage at Pearse Stadium has been removed and that the warning letter and enforcement notice has now been withdrawn. Enforcement proceedings have been discontinued in this case.

Illegal signs pearse stadiumWe are happy that this particular issue has finally been settled. However, it is not acceptable that it took 20 months to do so, nor that we had to seek help from the Office of the Ombudsman to have the case dealt with. It has cost the residents and the local authority to reach this stage. And at the end of the day, some may think it unreasonable that the serial offender received no penalty for not only flouting the law, but doing so up to the last before court proceedings would take place.


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Who owns this Bike?

Child's bike locked to pole.

Child’s bike looking to be reunited with its owner.

Do you know who this bike belongs to? If yes let us know or contact Salthill garda station.

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Free Stuff and Things to do during COVID-19 Crisis


Salthill Services have done up a little Colouring Book  for you. Print off the whole document or individual pages as you wish.

To access all ten books in Folan’s “Extra!” series of Leaving Cert Textbooks, click on the following link:

Free minicourse on mental maths for quick calculations.

For all those parents wondering what to do with their youngsters with the schools closed – help is at hand. A wide array of writers and celebrities are now reading and recording children’s stories on social media, to assist the many mothers and fathers rapidly running out of ideas.  These celebrity narrations are hoping to inspire and entertain, and maybe, just maybe, grant you some peace and quiet.

Celebrity book readings are not exclusive to the coronavirus era, and YouTube contains a large archive of children’s recordings narrated by A-listers of all kinds. Courtesy of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Storyline Online hopes to raise literacy in English speaking countries the world over, and claims to record 100 million views per year.


Explore the wonders of the National Gallery of Ireland’s collection with a virtual tour at

Experience what life was like for passengers boarding the Titanic in Cobh through


Remember you can get the following radio and TV stations via your TV.


Radio Station




RTE news now


Tithe an Oireachtas


RTE radio 1


RTE radio 1 extra




RTE Lyric FM


Radio na Gaeltachta


RTE Pulse




RTE Junior Radio


RTE Gold


Radio Maria Ireland


And if you’re asking “What’s the catch with a lot of the free stuff?” — it’s basically twofold. Firstly, many of these services are ad-supported — just like good old-fashioned commercial TV. And secondly, like everything else online, they’re undoubtedly harvesting data from you. So before you sign up and dive in, just keep those two things in mind.

Was going to do a list of things myself but Shane Hastings already has a nice one here

Here’s another:

Intend to add updates over next few days. Feel free to make suggestions.


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Dear Customer, stay calm, stay safe, stay well.

closed notice

Dear Customer,

We think it prudent to take a little break.

It is the right thing to do for all our sake.

The nasty corona virus, Covid-19,

is spreading faster than anything that we have seen.

But you can be sure that we will be back,

as soon as we have overcome this attack.

Thank you for your custom up to now.

We will serve you again, when the situation will allow.

And it will be our proud endeavour,

To serve you even better than ever.

In the meantime we wish all our clientele

stay calm, stay safe, stay well.


This was the Promenade, Salthill at 8.15am  this morning.

The Prom, Salthill

Promenade, Salthill

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New Restrictions on movement from midnight last night.

Last night Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announcement a two-week period of further restrictions on movemnt and association at a hastily arranged press conference, and said the drastic measures were necessary to try and combat Covid-19. All public and private gatherings are banned except for a few necessary exceptions.

The new measures apply until Easter Sunday, April 12th. They include:

  • Everybody must stay at home in all circumstances;
  • The exceptions are travelling to and from work, only where the work is an essential health, social care, or other essential service, and cannot be done from home;
  • Shopping for food, household items, or meal collection is permitted;
  • Attending medical appointments or collection of medicines and other health products is permitted;
  • Providing vital care to children, elderly, or vulnerable people is permitted;
  • Personal exercise is restricted, except within 2km of your own home. Children from your own home may accompany you, as long as you adhere to 2m social distancing;
  • Social visits to family and/or friends that are not for vital reasons are prohibited;
  • Community centres will be closed;
  • Non-essential surgery and procedures, and other non-essential health services are postponed;
  • Hospitals, residential, and prison visits are to stop, with specific exceptions on compassionate grounds;
  • Cocooning will be introduced for citizens over 70 years, as well as specified categories of people considered extremely vulnerable to Covid-19;
  • All public transport and passenger travel will be restricted to essential workers and essential services;
  • There is to be no travel outside a 2km radius of your home for any reason other than those outlined.


Cocooning basically meansr citizens over 70 years, and specified categories of people considered extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. According to the HSE, over 70s and extremely vulnerable citizens are “strongly advised to stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact”.

Visits from people who provide essential support to you such as healthcare, personal support with daily needs or social care should continue, but carers and care workers must stay away if they have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. All people coming to those homes should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds on arrival to your house and often whilst they are there.

An Post workers will be on hand to check on those affected, he said. Community check-ins will also be vital.


Any elderly person who does not have someone to get their food etc can call Alone to arrange help. Their national phone line is 0818 222 024. This is a dedicated helpline for older people, launched in collaboration with the Department of Health and the HSE. Open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

Or they can contact their local authority.

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Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day flowers

A Mother’s Prayer For You
I said a Mother’s Day prayer for you
to thank the Lord above
for blessing me with a lifetime
of your tender hearted love.
I thanked God for the caring
you’ve shown me through the years,
for the closeness we’ve enjoyed
in time of laughter and of tears.
And so, I thank you from the heart
for all you’ve done for me
and I bless the Lord for giving me
the best mother there could be!

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Public Masses Cancelled

The following notice is on the Church notice Board.

Masses Cancelled

Church Notice Board

For some people attending Mass or other religious ceremonies, as well as being a way of religious observance, may also be one of a few opportunities in the week to to have social contact with others. The isolation protocols we will have to use to try and control the spread of coronavirus ( Covid-19) are likely in the coming weeks to become more stringent, and possibly last for several months.

People may be able to view religious services on webcams, TV or listen to them on a radio. Do they have the details?   See

Mass will be broadcast at 10AM daily from for the next few weeks.

But people still need social contact for their mental and physical health. What can you do to help alleviate any isolation felt by your parents, grandparents, neighbours or others?

What practical matters can you help out with or remind people of? If someone normally hired a taxi to take them to Sunday Mass, does the taxi need to be cancelled. Do the people you know living alone actually know that the Mass or other service is cancelled for now? Do you have their phone number to hand so that you can phone them for a chat a few times a week? Or can you pass it on to someone else you think they would like to hear from. Can you set up a system for someone to be able to make video calls. If going out for your groceries can you also do the shop for a neighbour or relative?

Now would be a good time to give a little thought to how we as a community can support one another during the next few weeks. Many people will help if they realise that they can. They just may need a little prompt now and again. Feel free to forward and share practical suggestions as to how we can help one another by adding a comment in the box below.



The Post Office  and will open at 8am on Fridays to facilitate older people collecting their social welfare payments.

Woodies is reserving Thursdays for over 60s and at risk and vulnerablecustomers. Thet are asking all others to please shop on a different day.


The supermarkets are also implementing designated shopping for the elderly and vulnerable individuals, as well as family carers. They’re particularly asking people with children to avoid coming into the stores during those hours.

Dunnes Stores, between 11am and 1pm each day.

Lidl from 9-11am every day

Tesco has introduced similar measures in its stores, with Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings up to 9am designated for elderly customers and family carers.







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Gateways Blocked Again Today

car blocking gateway

Plenty of security and good traffic management for the royal visit the other day, but back to normality today. As often the case when there are matches in Pearse Stadium, my gateway was one of several blocked by matchgoers parking across our gateways, preventing us from getting our cars out.  No sign of any gardaí or traffic wardens either.

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Traffic Restrictions for Royal Visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are expected to visit Salthill-Knocknacarra GAA club this coming Thursday. There will be some traffic restrictions to facilitate the visit.

A message from An Garda Síochána reads as follows:

Garda Badge

Traffic Restrictions on Dr Mannix Road, Rockbarton Court & Glenard Avenue on Thursday 5th March 2020 from 8am to 3pm.

For further information follow An Garda Síochána’s Social Media Platforms or Contact Salthill Garda Station on 091-514720.



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