W3 Projects

W3 Projects are holding an afternoon seminar and information session in the Harbour Hotel on June 15th. Details to follow.

W3 Projects is a Learning and Training Co-operative composed of Job Seekers who pool  their skills to train each other, and team up to find work. We have a wide variety of professional backgrounds, but our common experience is web development and web marketing. We meet regularly for the following activities:

  • Technical workshops on web development
  • Listen to Guest speakers on a broad range of topics
  • Support other members efforts to upskill

We are also open to working with other agencies where we can bring our broad collective experience to bear. Contact us, if you need assistance with

  • Training in WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing
  • Web site design, development and updates
  • Graphic Design and Photoshop Work

History of W3 Projects

The W3 projects group evolved from the government supported webactivate course run by the Digital Skills Academy in 2010.

Participants from a diverse range of work and life experiences, ages, career specialities and nationalities, while gaining much valuable knowledge in the areas of web design, starting a business, digital photography, image manipulation techniques, social media, the WordPress content management system, training techniques and more,  realised that the vast knowledge and experience that existed within the group was a resource too valuable to leave untapped. From the start the group were proactive in extending the learning experience beyond the boundaries of the syllabus of the original webactivate course.

On completion of the course the participants resolved not to waste the opportunity to continue their growth and development through mutual support and sharing of knowledge and experience. And so with the cooperation and support of the Galway Technical Institute (GTI), a unique experiment in self-directed adult education began with the set up of the W3 projects group.

Many of the groups members are experts in their fields with years of experience which they share with one another. A business development manager or salesperson might give advice on how to make a sales pitch, a graphic designer may give instruction on how to use Photoshop to produce company logos or marketing literature, a computer programmer may give insight into their field of expertise and how it can be applied to achieve a particular outcome.

The knowledge and experience internal to the group is supplemented by that of guest speakers who have already given presentations on career coaching, sources of innovation, social media and content management systems such as Wiccle, developed by a start up here in Galway.

The ultimate aim of the participants is to find rewarding work for themselves, but they realise that in times like these some of them will have to re-skill or up-skill. Some will position themselves to be of greater value to prospective employers and others will set up their own businesses.
No matter which path they will follow, there is much that can be learned from the experience of others and this experiment in self-directed education is likely to continue evolving in an ever changing environment and possibly become a template for others to follow.