Cashback Shopping

Cash Back bannerIn today’s world we’re all looking for the best bargain and the cheapest deals around and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by simply using a website that pays you to shop. That probably sounds crazy to you but it’s true! We at will pay you to shop online.

You can save hundreds of euros every year on purchases you make online by using to link through to your favourite retailers. FatCheese has links to over 850 retailers, insurers and travel sites. By linking through to the store through the website you will then receive cash back into your account for doing so… hence the term “cashback”. It makes sense… why go straight to the store’s website when you can save money by using FatCheese instead?

Stores pay FatCheese a commission for every sale we drive through to their site and instead of keeping all the commission for ourselves we pass the full 100% commission (ie. everything we earn for the sale) back to you. is free to join, there are no subscription fees or catches… every cent you generate is yours to keep. The first question that probably jumps to mind here is “what’s in it for us?” Well it’s simple really… we earn money from advertising placements throughout the site similar to how most websites, such as, make their money.

To check it out just click on the image on the left.