All weather playing pitch for Scoil Einde

Scoil Einde all weather pitch

Work on the construction of a  32.0m x 28.0m All weather playing pitch with 6.0m high fending/netting and associated services has begun at Scoil Einde Dr Mannix Road Salthill.

It is strictly for school use only during school hours, and will not be used outside school hours for commercial gain or rental.

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Happy Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

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The Nerney Beat by Katelyn Molloy – Download Link.

Katelyn - Nerney Beat

After some difficulties with the upload during the week we have finally fixed things. So thanks for the patience guys and hoping you all download and love it. Let’s try get it to number 1 – so be sure to share.

Download link is here for iTunes and here for spotify.

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Katelyn Molloy – Debut Single Release

Katelyn Molloy

Well done to Katelyn Molloy Music who is releasing her debut single, “The Nerney Beat”. We are big fans of Katelyn’s singing & music.  We would be delighted if she made it to #1 on her first attempt.

Katelyn’s debut single “The Nerney Beat” will be available to download on all music platforms from Tuesday 26th of February.  Katelyn says “I would be so grateful to all who download it next Tuesday and hopefully we can get it to number 1. It would be a super achievement for me to have my self-penned debut single get to number 1 in the Irish Country charts.” #thenerneybeat.

She has backed up a great talent with a lot of hard work, and we don’t doubt that she will have great success.

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Pearse Stadium Application for Retention Invalidated





Not exactly the kind of sun block we had in mind.

Updated 5/02/2019

Planning application reference 19/15 has been invalidated due to referencing an incorrect planning file.

The applicant has the option to resubmit the application.  It will be allocated a new number and treated as a brand new application, where the applicant has to re-advertise.


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Pearse Stadium seeks retention of Illegal Signage

Yet again the GAA County Board has applied for retention of work done illegally, not only without planning permission, but in direct contradiction of existing planning conditions.

Four metal signs were erected on the terrace in front of the residences on Rockbarton Road. They now seek permission to retain the signage and to have overturned the conditions previously laid down by Galway City Council Planning Office that restricted the size and positioning of signage to among other things protect the visual amenity of the area.

Pearse Stadium site notice


one of the signs

The time line so far is:

  • Unauthorised signage illegally erected on August 3rd, 2018.
  • August 17th  written complaint with photographs emailed to planning office.
  • August 22nd confirmation of receipt from council and confirmation that forwarded to planning enforcement officer.
  • As result complaint no. C217/18 raised under section 152 of Planning and Development Act.
  • Complainants have not received any further updates, but presume that the planning office has acted in accordance with the legislation.

This would require the following sequence of events:

  • A warning letter to be sent to the GAA County Board within 6 weeks. (i.e by September 28th , 2018).
  • GAA would have to reply within 4 weeks. (By October 26that latest).
  • Council aims where possible to issue a decision within 12 weeks from then, which if all steps took the maximum allowed would bring us to January 18th 2019. We seem to be pushing the boundaries here.


We have now reached a stage where the GAA has applied for retention and the planning office has opened a file reference number 1915 which can be accessed at As of this morning, 30/01/2019, no files have been scanned to the system yet. Its status is still “Pre-validation”.

  • Although the site notice is dated as having been erected on 11/1/2019 it was not actually erected until 27/1/2019.
  • Planning application received by planning office on 24/1/2019.


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

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Your chance to help the Children in Temple Street Hospital

Its that time of year again when we think of giving a helping hand to others. A who’s who of the Irish country mucic scene have come together to produce a lovely single  with the proceeds going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.  Keep it in mind when getting Christmas stocking fillers.

CD for Temple Street

Hard copies of the charity single, The Meaning of Christmas are now available and can be got from Katelyn Molloy, Robert Mizzel, Barry Kirwan or any of the 50 plus artists involved.  Alternatively if you head over to the Country Comes Together Facebook page, sent them a message and they can sort you out. The CDs are only five euro, and all proceeds go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. The single is also available for pre-sale on iTunes now and across all digital channels from the 3rd of December.

‘The Meaning of Christmas’ will be launched in The Well, Moate, when Barry Kirwan and his band, together with a line-up of talented country performers, take to the stage on the night of Monday, December 10th, for what should be a spectacular night’s entertainment. The song itself will be available across all digital platforms from December 3rd, so with the public’s support, it could well be sitting atop the charts by launch night.

It would be great if the single got to no.1 for Christmas.

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How would you describe this type of parking?

Illegal Parking at Pearse Stadium

Illegal Parking

Parking issues in the surrounds of Pearse Stadium still remain unresolved. This Sunday, once again I have been blocked from exciting my driveway. The driver of this car managed to block a driveway without the owner’s permission, park on double yellow lines and park on a corner, all in one go.

Not only is each of these illegal. It is inconsiderate and selfish behaviour. How should it be dealt with? Answers on a post card to Salthill Garda station and Galway City Council.


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Trees Down on Rockbarton Road

Even though we were given a yellow wind warning for Storm Ali, we were still taken by surprise at the ferocity of the wind. Trees down all over the place. Below pictures of large branches of trees down on Rockbarton Road. Some hanging dangerously from power lines.  Road blocked between Turn offs at Revagh Road and Rockbarton North. Can still turn up Rockbarton North with care.


And in Glenard

And Devon Park


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