Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

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Your chance to help the Children in Temple Street Hospital

Its that time of year again when we think of giving a helping hand to others. A who’s who of the Irish country mucic scene have come together to produce a lovely single  with the proceeds going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.  Keep it in mind when getting Christmas stocking fillers.

CD for Temple Street

Hard copies of the charity single, The Meaning of Christmas are now available and can be got from Katelyn Molloy, Robert Mizzel, Barry Kirwan or any of the 50 plus artists involved.  Alternatively if you head over to the Country Comes Together Facebook page, sent them a message and they can sort you out. The CDs are only five euro, and all proceeds go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. The single is also available for pre-sale on iTunes now and across all digital channels from the 3rd of December.

‘The Meaning of Christmas’ will be launched in The Well, Moate, when Barry Kirwan and his band, together with a line-up of talented country performers, take to the stage on the night of Monday, December 10th, for what should be a spectacular night’s entertainment. The song itself will be available across all digital platforms from December 3rd, so with the public’s support, it could well be sitting atop the charts by launch night.

It would be great if the single got to no.1 for Christmas.

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How would you describe this type of parking?

Illegal Parking at Pearse Stadium

Illegal Parking

Parking issues in the surrounds of Pearse Stadium still remain unresolved. This Sunday, once again I have been blocked from exciting my driveway. The driver of this car managed to block a driveway without the owner’s permission, park on double yellow lines and park on a corner, all in one go.

Not only is each of these illegal. It is inconsiderate and selfish behaviour. How should it be dealt with? Answers on a post card to Salthill Garda station and Galway City Council.


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Trees Down on Rockbarton Road

Even though we were given a yellow wind warning for Storm Ali, we were still taken by surprise at the ferocity of the wind. Trees down all over the place. Below pictures of large branches of trees down on Rockbarton Road. Some hanging dangerously from power lines.  Road blocked between Turn offs at Revagh Road and Rockbarton North. Can still turn up Rockbarton North with care.


And in Glenard

And Devon Park


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Luck is when Preparation and Opportunity Collide

Galway in All Ireland Hurling

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Streets of Galway 8K

This year’s Galway Clinic Streets of Galway race is on Saturday 11th August 7pm. The route is the same as the last few years. The race comes down Dr Mannix road, turns up past the stadium, then on towards the Prom. See Map below.
If you are not taking part, you can cheer on the 3000 runners as they pass by. The organising committee and volunteers will be busy on the day from 5pm setting up the water station at Pearse stadium and setting out traffic cones, bins, cleaning up etc. Civil defence may also be positioned at the stadium.
If you want to help out at the water station at Pearse stadium or as a marshal, please contact Hugh O’Donoghue at hugh.p.odonoghue@gmail.com.
Streets of Galway route map
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History of Salthill Book Launch

Salthill History - Book Launch

There is a treat in store for anyone with an interest in the history of Salthill. Professor Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh will launch A History of Salthill, Part 1 by well-known local man, Paul McGinely, in the Galway Bay Hotel on Thursday 26th July at 7pm.

The evening will include an audio-visual presentation on 19th century evolution of the place as a marine resort. Salthill people, its attractions, fishing tradition and famine experience will all feature. Going by past presentations it will be both informative and entertaining.

I have seen a copy of the book. It is a beautiful production in hard copy, good quality paper and photographs and well researched and presented information. An excellent addition to the library of anyone with an interest in Salthill’s history.


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Hot Summer Days Are Here

Last March I was taking photographs in the snow which brought much of the country to a standstill. Now the weather is more like what we would expect to get in the South of Spain. A hot, dry June has led in to a July with drought conditions. Great for those selling sun screen, bottled water and ice-cream but not so good if growing crops. This weather could potentially last for months and if it does we will all gain a renewed appreciation of how valuable and delicate a resource our water supply is.

We should take practical steps to conserve it now and not wait until it might be too late. Some such steps could include:

  • Placing a stone in the cisterns of older toilets with larger than needed flush volume so less water is used each time it is flushed.
  • Turn off automatic flushing of toilets in unused buildings such as schools closed for the summer holidays.
  • When washing hands or vegetables do o in a basin and then reuse the water for plants.
  • Take shorter than normal showers, and shower rather than fill the bath.
  • Don’t leave taps running when washing teeth or rinsing dishes.
  • Get leaking pipes and dripping taps repaired.
  • If you come across leaks coming up through the road report it to Irish Water.
  • Don’t wait for the authorities to impose “hose bans” before you stop watering the grass, washing the car or filling backyard pools.


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Ed Sheeran Concerts at Pearse Stadium on May 12th and 13th

Gates open 17:00 hours Event starts 18:00 Event ends 23:00 each day.

If you have any query relating to concert works in Pearse Stadium between May 5th and 16th call Aikens Promotions on 087-9769315 between 08:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs.

Car Pass and Resident Cards will be issued in the week preceding the concerts to residents inside the Garda Cordons. These will be valid for other big GAA games to be played in Pearse Stadium this year. If you need additional passes contact Pearse Stadium on 091-862500 between 10am and 2pm, before Thursday 10th.

Salthill one traffic system      Click on map image to enlarge.

Road Closures at following junctions

  • Dalysford Rd / Promenade

  • Rockbarton Rd / Promenade

  • Rockbarton West / Revagh Rd

  • Threadneedle Rd / Dr Mannix Rd

  • Threadneedle Rd / Glenard

  • Rosary Lane / Taylor’s Hill

  • Salthill Lower / Devon Park

  • Salthill Village / Oaklands

A One-Way System will operate between 7pm Friday 11th to 12 midnight on Sunday 13th. The direction of traffic flow will be from Threadneedle Road down Doctor Mannix Road and towards the Prom via Rockbarton Road or Dalysford Road.

Residents are asked to park their cars off-street if possible to facilitate safe flow of pedestrians and traffic. Residents who normally make journeys like going to the supermarket during the time of the “lock-down” might consider varying their routine a little to minimise traffic through the area at this time.

Bus Route 401 will operate but will not follow the normal route due to road closures on Saturday and Sunday.


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Views from my Window on March 1st

A poem “A March Snow” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and some views from my window on March 1st.


A March Snow

Let the old snow be covered with the new:
The trampled snow, so soiled, and stained, and sodden.
Let it be hidden wholly from our view
By pure white flakes, all trackless and untrodden.
When Winter dies, low at the sweet Spring’s feet
Let him be mantled in a clean, white sheet.

Let the old life be covered by the new:
The old past life so full of sad mistakes,
Let it be wholly hidden from the view
By deeds as white and silent as snow-flakes.

Ere this earth life melts in the eternal Spring
Let the white mantle of repentance fling
Soft drapery about it, fold on fold,
Even as the new snow covers up the old.

February snow scene

March snow February snow scene February snow scene

February snow scene

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