2019 Streets of Galway 8km Race

Streets of Galway 8k race

The 2019 Streets of Galway 8km road race  takes place at 7 pm on Saturday, August 10th. This is the 34th edition of the famous Streets of Galway 8km road race, which is organised by Galway City Harriers AC, and is sponsored by the Galway Clinic.

Many locals and visitors take on the event each year. The event will bring 3,000 participants onto the streets of our city and suburbs into what is a fantastic event and evening in the city.

The race route starts at Fr Griffin Road in the city and takes in many of the sights of Galway city. including the Spanish Arch, Eyre Square, the landmark Galway Cathedral and NUI Galway, and routes out towards Salthill, past Pearse Stadium and then back in the ‘Prom’ along Galway Bay for a fast section into the finish at the historic Claddagh.

Race entry is available at this link (hostend on Active.com) until noon on the 7th of August, unless the race sells out before then.

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Demolition work starts on Warwick Hotel

Warwick Hotel

Warwick demolition

Warwick demolition

Warwick Hotel demolition

Finally getting around to some demolition work on the former Warwick Hotel. A nursing home is to be built in its place.

A lot of memories for Salthill people in this building.

Progress as of 17/8/2019

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Salthill Summer Skyscapes

View of sky over Salthill at 10.15pm last night. The sun had set below the horizon but was reflccted off the clouds.  A few minutes later the clouds were just a uniform grey.

Looking to north west

Looking to north west

Salthill Skyscape

Looking to south east

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Salthill Park being readied for Food & Craft Festival

Food Festival Salthill

Salthill Park is being readied for the Galway International Food & Craft Festival from July 5th to 7th.

The park is fenced off but you can still use the recently laid tarmac path on Rockbarton Road side. Fresh flowers have being planted and marquees erected.

Salthill Park will play host to the inaugural Galway International Food and Craft Festival this July. A food village featuring top artisan food producers, craft breweries, cooking demonstrations and entertainment will take place over the 3 days of the festival overlooking Galway Bay.

This festival will showcase Galway as a destination for food and craft while emphasising the importance of healthy eating, exercise to general wellbeing.

Throughout the festival, attendees can indulge in freshly-prepared food and see live cooking shows along with many stalls with exceptional crafts from around Ireland.

Entertainment will include live on stage music along with lots of activities for kids too.

What to expect:

        • 20 top national & international chefs
        • Live cooking demonstrations
        • Health and wellbeing presentations
        • International tasters & plates
        • Culture & History brought to life
        • Entertainment stage
        • Brands promotions
        • 200 Exhibitors selling products
        • Children’s Area
        • Lounge and chill out Area
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Application for Retention of Illegal Signage at Pearse Stadium Refused

Application Refused

It has taken nearly 10 months from the time the signage was illegally erected and formal complaints lodged with the planning authority to the stage where an application for retention was finally refused. Questions remain unanswered about the manner in which the enforcement procedures were conducted, or rather failed to be conducted in the interim. It remains to be seen how long it will take for the decision to be implemented on the ground.

Schedule referred to in Chief Executive’s order no. 70531 detailed the reasons for the refusal as follows:

  1. The commercial signage to be retained, by reason of height and size, would materially contravene Condition no.5 (b) attached to Pl.Ref.No. 94/541, which regulates the development of the overall lands of which the proposed signage structure forms part, and states that “The upper level of the proposed terrace (exclusive of safety fence) on the western end of the pitch shall not exceed 1 m in height over the adjoining boundary wall. Reason: In the interest of visual amenity”, and if permitted, would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.
  1. The commercial signage to be retained, by reason of its excessive height and scale, would form an incongruous and visually obtrusive feature, which, would be out of character with and seriously detract from the visual amenities of the area. The proposed development would also materially contravene the requirements of Section 11.2 of the current Galway City Council Development Plan 2017-2023 which seeks that avoidance of developments in the boundary area of adjoining zones, which would be detrimental to the amenities of the more environmentally sensitive zone. The proposed development would therefore seriously injure the visual amenities of the area and would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.



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The Big Geraniums reform for two Irish live shows

Big Geraniums Band

The Big Geraniums have reformed to perform two live shows in Dublin and Galway, after a 21-year break.  They are are set to play Whelan’s in Dublin on July 11, and the Roisin Dubh in Galway, on July 13.

Their forthcoming gigs in Dublin and Galway will be their first shows in over two decades and are surely not to be missed.

When they were active their live shows were critcally acclaimed for their craziness, frenetic mix of Irish/ska/punk and rock. Expect to experience some of this again.

Tickets will be available at the box office.

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Democracy in Action

count centre in Leisureland

The count centre in Leisureland

Why do only half the people entitled to vote actually use their vote in this country?

Looking at the news reports of elections in other parts of the world we see queues of people waiting to get into polling booths.

At this early stage looks like the main story of the elections is the come-back by the Greens.

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Devon Park Clean-up

Devon Park

Great opportunity to meet your neighbours while keeping the area in shape.

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When the Canvassers come knocking on your Door – 2019 version

The local and European elections on Friday, May 24th have the candidates and their supporters out knocking on doors looking for votes to allow them the privilege of representing us at local and international levels for the next five years. Your vote is important and should not be given away lightly or left unused. When they come calling let them know what issues concern you. Let them know your views and ask them what they intend to do in practical terms if elected.

When they called five years ago for the last elections Salthill residents put forward their concerns and received assurances of support and intentions to address each and every item. Sadly the promises proved on the whole to be empty. The people elected are not doing you a special favour. They are paid to do a job, and unfortunately they mostly seem to fail to accomplish what they promise. When they asked what our concerns were five years ago the local residents in Salthill put forward a number of items of local concern.

The items concerned were repairing damage to Leisureland caused by winter storms, derelict buildings, the proliferation of posters, underage drinking, transparency and integrity of the planning process and failure to penalise serial offenders for breaches of planning laws, issues regarding traffic obstruction and parking at Pearse Stadium, dangerous condition of footpaths, wasted resources and keeping promises and honouring commitments. They were summarised on this blog in the post When the Canvassers come knocking on your door.

One would think that these are relatively simple items to address. Certainly not of the complexity of solving the homeless problem for example, though it is hard to understand why houses that stood empty then still remain empty in the locality today.

So what progress was made in five years? Unfortunately very little. The table below summarises it.


Traveler Digital Camera

So when someone comes to your door looking for votes of those we elected five years ago, ask why did they not keep their promises? Why should we believe anything they promise now? When someone new comes knocking ask them how they will do things differently.

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Another Application for retention of illegal signage at Pearse Stadium

Another bank holiday weekend, another application for retention of structures erected illegally at Pearse Stadium. If it feels like déjà-vu, it’s no wonder. This post could be treated as a continuation of earlier posts at the start of the year. (See

Pearse Stadium seeks retention of Illegal Signage).

The GAA County Board are having another go at getting retention for four signs, at Rockbarton Road, illegally erected on August 3rd, 2018. These are in direct contravention of existing planning conditions. A site notice dated April 18th, 2019 has been erected.


Complaints were raised at the time under section 152 of the Planning and Development Act.  Despite requests at various times to the local planning authority for clarification as to what enforcement actions had been taken, whether the actions mandated by law under the Act had being complied with, or what the status of the complaint was, no reply has been received by local residents at any stage since August 2018.

Even pointing out that “In view of the planning history at this site, and in the absence of any information to the contrary, it is not surprising that many people would think that some groups are “untouchable” when it comes to the legal requirements of the planning process.” did not elicit any response.

Whatever ones views on the desirability or otherwise of any particular application, surely the integrity of the planning process should be guarded, and citizens should be able to have confidence in their local government. In the absence of any information or of any transparency of the process, such confidence will likely be in short supply.


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