Reminder – Clocks go forward 1 hour on Sunday

The clocks go forward by an hour at 1am on next Sunday morning, March 26th, marking the start of longer days as we head into the summer months. This effectively means we skip the 1am hour and go straight to 2am.

Clocks in the 27 EU member states will change at the same time, so you might have one less hour of sleep this Sunday if your life is governed by the clock.

In 2019, the European Parliament voted to end the seasonal time changes, but the decision has yet to be implemented. Indeed there has been much debate and little agreement amongst people as to whether we should continue to change the clock with the seasons.

REM, the phase of sleep where dreams happen and memory and learning function form, occurs during the last third of the night. Any additional disruption interferes with circadian rhythms (our evolutionary instinct to detect dawn or dusk) and makes us sleepier and disoriented. So ease yourself into the change if you can.

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