Cycle and bus lane for Dr. Mannix Road parked for now

From the Galway City Tribune –Public consultation planned for a proposed cycle lane along Dr Mannix Road in Salthill has been delayed yet again, with priority being given to bus and cycling measures nearer the city.

According to the Glenard Residents’ Association’s latest newsletter to people living in Glenard, D’Alton, Dr Mannix Road and Na Cúilíní the delay is due to planning for the BusConnects project, which is a massive overhaul of the city’s public transport network.

Under the plan, there are two bus routes planned for the area instead of one, with buses travelling up and down the entire length of Dr Mannix Road, instead of just one section of it (Dalysfort Road junction to Threadneedle Road junction) as is the case now.

“The threat of a ban on parking on both sides of Dr Mannix Road, the loss of trees and green areas to accommodate the cycle lane continues to hang over our area,” the newsletter stated.

“This is a source of concern to residents, not only on Dr Mannix Road but throughout our area as it would case parking overflow throughout the estate.”

A spokesperson for the association told the Galway City Tribune said residents were not against cycle lanes in general, but what was proposed would not work in this area.

“We have 43 houses with open driveways on that section of the road and most park outside their houses. A lot of people are elderly. There’s a huge amount of traffic with people dropping and picking up from the schools, people parking for Pearse Stadium and the GAA club – there are seven junctions off the Dr Mannix Road,” he explained.

“We are trying to reach a solution – that’s why we are proposing a 30km/h speed limit here as a compromise solution so everybody could use it and it would be safer for all road users.”

The plan for two bus routes along the full stretch of road would also remove space, with bus stops and shelters likely to be installed. That would also have to be taken into account before any cycle lane was considered.

Under the 2023 schedule of works planned by Galway City Council, the project is not mentioned.

A spokesperson for Galway City Council confirmed that while some early stage options for a “secondary cycle route” on Dr Mannix Road, the focus is on the development and delivery of Ballyloughane Active Travel Scheme; Doughiska Road South Cycle Network Scheme; Eglinton Canal Active Travel Scheme; Clybaun Road Active Travel Scheme; Bothar Stiofain Cycle Network Scheme and Ballybane and Castlepark Cycle Network Schemes.

“The progression of other routes, including Dr Mannix Road, will follow the development of the above schemes,” the spokesperson stated.

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