Maintenance Needed in Salthill Park and Surrounding Area

‘The photograph above is of the area just inside the Northwest corner of Salthill Park, beside the ESB substation.

There used always be some flooding here, but it’s become larger and more long-lasting since the Council tarmacked the pathway in recent years, and the surrounding grassed area is becoming swampy. As one local resident put it, “the law of unintended consequences.” A little bit of remedial work is required to drain the excess water away before we end up with someone suffering a serious injury or fatality. Some people are forced out onto the roadway and put themselves at risk.

The footpaths along Rockbarton Road and Ardnamara are in a terrible state with uneven and broken curbs adding further potential for injury in an area which according to the last census had one of the highest proportions of elderly people in the country, and for whom a fall can have serious consequences.

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