Success Manual


I hope things are going well for you at the moment.

I have long been interested in how to maximise learning, personal development and in general how to live a successful life. Over my six decades on this planet I have learnt a few things. One is that many people who are highly successful in one area (such as business) often fail to carry this competence and success into other areas of their lives, even though they have already developed the required skills. Compartmentalising different aspects of one’s work or life in general often makes it more manageable. But being too rigid in compartmentalising can often mean that one fails to transfer appropriate knowledge and skills already acquired from one area to another.

Another is that we often fail to appreciate the accumulated effects of consistent small changes over time, either for good or for bad. We seek out big changes that we want to happen all of a sudden, but such changes are usually hard to come by.

We all want to be happy, but those who consciously chase happiness fail to find it. The secret is not to look for it, but to have a generally positive attitude, find something you want to achieve, and in achieving that something happiness just appears.

Circumstances can influence the degree of success or failure at any given point in your life, but over the long run the biggest contributor is the collection of habits you engage in consistently over the course of your life.

As to the question, “What is Success”. That is very much up to each of us to decide for ourselves.

I have taken what I have learnt from my own experience and what I have learnt from others to produce the “Success Manual: What does success mean for you and how do you achieve it?

Success Manual Introduction – YouTube

This Success Manual course is a self-paced, online course designed to help you to:

  • Decide what you consider success in life to be for yourself.
  • Develop a model to understand the elements of success.
  • Help you decide on and clarify your goals and to prioritise them.
  • To understand the importance of habits, how to develop good habits and eliminate bad habits without relying solely on willpower.
  • Know what are the life skills and the characteristics of successful people.
  • Help you identify your various assets and understand the power of compounding their value over time.
  • Realise that achieving success involves following a well established process that you adapt to your own particular requirements..
  • Use the course workbook to help you along your journey of personal growth and development from starting with some self-analysis and onward to a successful life.
  • Help yourself along this journey by pointing to other useful resources.

Course can be purchased at

For the month of October, it can be purchased for €10 instead of the usual €100. This is mainly to facilitate offering it to students who studied already with me, but the offer is open to anyone who wishes to avail of it. Feel free to forward this via email or social media to any of your contacts that you think might be interested in it.

Should you decide to purchase, make sure the special offer price is highlighted after you hit the enroll button.

Best regards,

Noel Molloy

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