Well done to all involved

Well done to all involved in organising and running the Streets of Galway road race yesterday evening.

In summary the event was:

  • Well organised.
  • Efficiently run.
  • Well marshalled.
  • Took consideration of and liaised with the residents in the areas through which it was run.
  • Invited them to take part if they wished.
  • Keep people well informed well in advance, closer to the day and on the day.
  • Was well signposted with clear, visible signage that was immediately removed on completion of the event.
  • Did an immediate and complete clean up as the last runners passed.
  • Was inclusive and facilitated serious elite runners and those who took part for fun., to raise funds for charity or to meet some private personal target.
  • It catered for ages from young to some in their 80s, all getting equal encouragement from spectators.

People not taking part in the run stopped on the paths along the route or came to their doors and gateways to clap and cheer to encourage the participants.

Again well done.

Some other organisations could learn a lot from them.

Running along Rockbarton Road

Liam, one of the more senior runners took a moment to acknowledge these cheering on
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