Today Evil has a Name

Today Evil has a Name

Today evil has a name, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,

Instigator of murderous war, bombing and shooting.

His current aim, the extinction of a free Ukraine.

Women and children forced to flee.

To leave their homeland, where they should be safe and free.

Those who stay dice with death,

in the face of the invaders threat.

Weapons of destruction make noise like thunder,

as flesh and bone of human beings they tear asunder.

Towns, cities and peoples’ lives totally destroyed,

on the command of one who is evil personified.

Citizens raped, murdered, set on fire.

Ambassador Filatov’s denials make him a liar.

Worse; an apologist for crimes against humanity?

The very worst forms of inhumanity.

Tens of thousands have already died.

Their basic human rights denied.

Why this insanity?

Why can’t he let these people be?

We must stand with Ukraine,

and ensure the tyrant’s efforts are in vain.

Today evil has a name. One history will connect with shame.

Today evil has a face. One that will be remembered in ignominy and disgrace.

Today we are called to play our part.

Implementing sanctions is just a start.

But we must do a whole lot more.

So on our behave, Government has promised an open door.

People need a place to live,

And we should share what we can afford to give.

People have a right to live in peace,

And we wish that war and strife would simply cease.

But protecting life, freedom, and democracy is a choice.

One for which we must be prepared to pay the price.

Today evil has a name.

Our choice, oppose it or share the blame.



We all want to help. I have written some poetry for pleasure over the last two years, since the first lockdown began. As a small gesture any profits from the sale of this poetry will be donated to the Irish Red Cross to help with their work for the Ukrainian people.

It may be purchased for €4 via this link.

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