Cost of Postage Stamps up again

An Post has announced a price hike for national and international stamps, with it to cost an extra 15 cent to send a letter anywhere in Ireland from next month.

From March 1st, the price of a national stamp will increase from €1.10 to €1.25, while an international stamp will increase from €2.00 to €2.20.

The cost of a national 10-stamp booklet will remain at the current price of €11.

Anna McHugh from An Post said that despite the increase, Irish stamp prices remain lower than many European countries.

“The increases when they come in will still be less than the average across Europe by quite a bit. The average across Europe for the domestic standard letter is €1.58 and it will be €1.25 in Ireland,” she said.

If you expect to have significant postage costs in the near future it might pay to buy your stamps before March 1st. As the stamps now have the “N” and “W” designations on them instead of the cost, any bought before the increase will be good afterwards as well.

Cost Savings

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