Proposed Cycle Lanes on the Prom in Salthill

Feedback on my last post was that while it was good to have access to all the information it was complex to follow. So here is a useful summary circulated by the Glenard residents. Apologies for anyone on multiple email lists.

Cycle Lanes on the Prom – Update

Galway City Co took a decision last September to develop a temporary two-way cycle track from Grattan Road to Blackrock and a one-way cycle track from Blackrock to the Barna Road. They are now considering 3 options on how to proceed.

The first option proposes a one way vehicular traffic system for incoming traffic all the way from the Barna Road to Grattan Road. This would affect our area very badly as all Westward bound traffic from the Grattan Road / Lower Salthill area would be diverted up Dr. Mannix Road (DMR), (an estimated 774 vehicles per hour during the evening peak).

The second option proposes a one way traffic system from the Barna Road to Blackrock with a two way traffic system maintained along the prom from Blackrock to Grattan Road. There would also be various “pinch points” along the prom where the cycle lanes would fall slightly short of the standards recommended in the Cycle Design Manual. This option would allow traffic to travel in both directions along the prom but on reaching the Blackrock mini roundabout all Westward bound traffic would be diverted up Threadneedle Road, where it would turn left at the top and continue Westwards. Option 2 is a better option for our area but only slightly so, as it is inevitable that much of that diverted traffic will over time re-route up DMR, rather than go out to Blackrock and be diverted there. Option 2 would be better if the Council abandoned the Blackrock to Barna Road cycle lane and allowed two way traffic on that section.

The third option is labelled as “Do Nothing” i.e. leave things as they are but this is unlikely to be accepted by the Council.

Another major consequence of all this is the loss of parking on the prom – Option 1 would remove 108 car parking spaces along the prom, while Option 2 would require the removal of 216 spaces. Parking in Salthill is already a major problem and this will make it worse.

The timing of this trial / study period i.e. March to September is also highly questionable, as one would expect that a January to June or a July to December period would give better balanced research, with more diverse weather and usage conditions.

This is a very important issue for the future of our area. Public Consultation will take place soon (up to 5pm January 28th) and we urge all our residents to think about the issues, to take part in the process and make their views known. If anybody needs help or more information please contact your road representative or Peadar Ó hUallacháin at 086-8258704. Thanks very much.

They also circulated a sample letter that could be used as a submission on the issue, a copy of which is attached. Of course you can make explicit all your own concerns, and have it in before 5pm on Friday, January 28th.

Note this is not a planning application. There is no fee required to make your views known on this issue. 

For those who want to study the technical details, they can be found at 

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