A Nice Way to do Business

This came up in my Facebook feed. I thought it such a nice way for a new outfit to do business and am happy to share it here. The text read as follows:

“This year so far has been absolutely amazing for us, having started in April with nothing more than my laptop and kitchen table to having our busiest month helping 8 people find new homes in November, now with Danny on the team I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦We couldn’t achieve any of this without all the homeowners and families that have put their trust in us to help them and now we want to give back.

🏥 For every new listing we take on in December we will donate €250 from our fee to the Galway hospice in the name of the homeowner. The Galway Hospice has been close to both our hearts having helped family members through some of the toughest times and hopefully, we can help them out in our own small way this Christmas.

💸 We have set really big goals in how much we want to donate and would really appreciate it if you could share this as far and wide as you can.”

Of course you do not need to be selling a house to make a donation. You can donate directly to Galway Hospice via https://galwayhospice.ie/donate/

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