Autumn Shades

October coming to an end, November on the way.

Means longer night and shorter day.

Some leaves their colour simply fades,

While others blush with autumn shades.

A cooler wind blows them to ground,

And scatters them with rustling sound.

Morning or evening sun sometimes dazzling bright.

As if with winter’s approach, puts up a last ditch fight.

At evening time, if it is not too bad a day,

We get scarlet clouds beneath the grey.

The time of year has come to pass,

When no further need to cut the grass.

The clock will soon go one hour back.

So early rising won’t be so black.

Halfway between equinox and solstice,

Not always, but sometimes can be quite nice.

But autumn nights that bit colder,

Remind me that, (like the year,) I’m getting older.

Approaching the Autumn of my life,

I made it here with more joy than strife.

It has been filled with colours of many shades.

And hopefully more before it fades.



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