Salthill Traffic Survey

Galway City Council is inviting feedback from residents, visitors and business on parking in Salthill, as part of a parking management study for the area. 

The study will explore potential active travel measures along the Prom, and will make recommendations on regulating parking, in order to support the continued vitality of the Salthill area and its distinctive character and charm. This study is funded by the National Transport Authority. 

The character of Salthill has changed over time but still retains its distinctive character and amenity value. In recent years it has re-established itself as an urban village with an increase in the permanent residential population, supporting a broader range of services for the local community and visitors. The purpose of this parking study is to establish a relationship between how people are using Salthill, and where they choose to park. Previous public consultation in relation to Covid measures in summer 2020 shows there is a strong demand to look at how travel and parking is managed in Salthill in the longer term. Galway City Council welcomes the input, and insight, of residents, businesses, commuters and visitors to the area. 

Feedback from all mode users is welcome, and will inform the recommendations of the study.

Submissions can be made online, through this page by 10th July 2021. 

Accessibility – if you cannot access the survey online, but wish to respond, please get in touch to request a paper copy – or 091 536400. This survey is open to people aged 18 and over, but I see no reason why younger people should not also be able to give their input.

The study area is shown in the map below, including the wider area beyond The Prom or the retail area of Salthill. It covers the area bounded by Sea Road, The Prom, Galway Golf Club and Taylorshill.

The survey will not take long as most questions just require checking boxes.

Note Question 3 is headed “Visitors from outside the area” and lists all 32 counties. But it also should capture views from people in Salthill. Despite the heading Option 12 down is for people from “Galway in Salthill study area”.

Questions 13, and 14, allow for further comments and are perhaps the most important from a local resident’s point of view. This is your opportunity to comment on such things as the overspill of parking from the commercial zone into the neighbouring residential areas, the condition of footpaths, traffic flows at school times and when there are games in Pearse Stadium or The Prairie, and any other concerns or suggestions you might have. I would encourage you to fill these in.

For example are you shocked like I am that they are proposing cutting down the trees on Dr. Mannix Road to make way for a cycle path? Surely they should be looking for a way to accommodate cyclists and tree lovers, instead of ticking boxes under one heading at the expense of the other.

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