An Post to increase price of stamps this month

From May 27th:

The price of the standard national letter stamp will increase up to the EU average price of €1.10c (currently €1.00). 

The standard international letter stamp will increase to €2.00 (currently €1.70).

Bulk mail rates will increase by 5c and meter rates by 10c. Large mailers will continue to receive discounts for high volume postings.

Discounts of 34 per cent on parcel postage and 5 per cent for letter post for SMEs through the An Post Advantage Card will be extended to year-end in order to help small businesses back to recovery and growth.

There will be no increase in charges for sending Registered Mail, large envelopes and packets within Ireland.

An Post said their community focus supports such as calling in on vulnerable citizens, free postage to and from care homes, and free newspaper delivery for older customers will also be extended until at least the end of the year.

So if you have items to post that can go before the 27th of this month, send them earlier to make some cost savings.

Every little bit helps.

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