Maximise Benefit of Supermarket Till Receipts, Discounted Vouchers and Loyalty Schemes

Dunnes Stores Value club card and discount vouchers

Dunnes Stores for example give you a €10 off your next spend of €50 by a particular date for every €50 you spend in a single shop in the grocery section. This is fine if your typical shop is about €50 anyway. But if you are only shopping for yourself and €25 is more typical for you you can still take advantage of the offer if you are organised enough to cooperate with someone else who also has a sub €50 shop to do, or if you stock up on non-perishable goods like canned or frozen foods, household cleaners and toiletries. To maximise the benefit from this type of offer shop to a list of necessities and make up the difference to the limit at which the discount kicks in with items you definitely will use and which can be stored for a while. Do not exceed the limit by much, but rather save further spending until you can use the next discount voucher. €10 off a spend of €50 is a 20% discount but €10 off say €60 reduces the discount to 16.7%, which adds up over a year’s shopping. Since I signed up for their newsletter they occasionally email me €10 off a spend of €40, that is a 25% discount, that I can have scanned from my phone at the checkout. The price I pay is that I get advertising emails into my inbox.

If you have a voucher on a till receipt that you know you will not use why not pass it on to someone who may. They might return the favour to you another time.

Customers who sign up for the Value Club card are awarded one point worth one cent for every €1 spent. Once you have collected at least 400 points each quarter, you will receive a mailing in which your points are converted to Money Off Vouchers which can be used in any department in any Dunnes Stores outlet. As well as your money off vouchers, they will send you additional money off coupons and offers in your mailing.

If you have an Avantcard credit card you will no longer get Tesco clubcard points for any spent on it from March 31st, 2021, but if you are signed up to its “Advantages” scheme you can earn cash back on some online purchases if you go through affiliate links on the scheme’s website. These include a five percent discount (less €2.25 postage) on purchases of Dunnes Stores vouchers. The vouchers are available in multiples of €10. So you purchase €100 for €95 less €2.25 postage, giving a net discount of 2.75%. If you purchase €200 worth at a time the net discount is 3.875% as the deduction for postage remains the same. You need a debit card to make the purchase. Maximise the benefit by combining prepaid vouchers at the discounted price with the money off offers on till receipts and collecting your club card points. Good management of your shopping in Dunnes should enable you to reduce your annual spend by over 20%.

The above is taken from our Cost Savings Book.

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