Salthill Approaching Mid-December

Flower Shop

Site of Finan's house

Site of Finan’s House and site of Warrick Hotel behind it. The former to be built upon with two blocks of apartments. The latter a nursing home.

Site of Finan's and Warwic

Red Flags

No not communist China with all the red flags but capitalist Salthill.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops the big winners this year.

New bicycle rack

Bicycle racks put up in Salthill car park.

Santa Claus

Some big guy with a white beard.

new seats at Salthill Park

New seats at Salthill Park replacing the old broken ones.

Coffee on the Beach

Coffee on the beach in December!

bicycle rack on Prom

New bicycle racks on the Prom.

The Prom

Where else? The Prom.

Ruined house at Blackrock

Old ruined house at Blackrock to become new coffee shop.

New Lights at Blackrock

New LED lighting at Blackrock.

Cable laid for lights

Cabling laid for new LED lights along walkway from Blackrock, by golf-links to caravan park.

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