Approaching Christmas in Anxious Times

 They started putting up the Christmas lights today,
 although through November we are just halfway.
 We look forward with a mixture of hope and fear.
 Not yet sure what will pass for Christmas this year.
 Can loved ones travel home?
 Or must they stay away; perhaps alone.
 If it transpires that they must,
 because of this virus with which the world is cursed,
 at least we can make calls on zoom,
 send cards or hampers or simply phone to try and lift the gloom.
 Mother's hairdresser phoned in tears,
 to say she is closing her business of many years.
 It is not that she has a choice.
 It is not fair. It is not nice.
 Lifting Lock-down now is too late,
 for her and many others who face a similar fate.
 While there are those that can't survive,
 there are others who not only can, but can thrive.
 Hand sanitisers and take-out coffee are among the winners.
 As are DIY supplies and click and collect dinners.
 For now safety depends on using simple tools.
 For now we follow these basic survival rules;
 isolate, distance, sanitise and mask up.
 Beyond that we await the scientists doing their stuff.
 We await the production of some new medicine.
 We await in hope a new vaccine. 

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