Going to Level 5?

As the summer amusements are taken down,

an unusual stillness pervades the town.

The winter months secure their hold,

as temperatures change from mild to cold.

As we survey the situation we find ourselves in,

the immediate future looks quite grim.

We are facing ever rising cost

in terms of lives and livelihoods lost.

While they are preparing us for Level 5

they debate priorities; keeping people or economy alive?

But oh! It makes me shudder

when I realise how much each affects the other.

Glad that I don’t have to choose,

which should win and which should lose.

The certainties that I had yesterday,

upon reflection no longer hold their sway.

I’ll just do what I can do,

and probably the same applies to you.

I will have to curtail my plans.

And after each interaction wash my hands.

I will wear my mask,

as I go about my task.

As best I can, I’ll stay apart,

especially from those close to my heart.

When all is quite I take a walk,

and use the phone when I want to talk.

Such simple things will keep me sane.

Beyond that, its just a waiting game

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (teachable.com)

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