When your finding life full of trouble and toil,
that is the perfect time to crack a smile.
Whether you come first or last in the race,
don’t forget to wear a happy face.
At times when life denies you lucky breaks,
when all you seem to do is make mistakes,
when you are sad and feeling blue,
this one thing will help you through.
It takes little effort and is well worth while.
The thing to do is simply smile.

Not only does this work for you.
Amazingly, it works for others too.
What you send out gets reflected back.
Smile at them and they smile right back.

If you find you wear a frown,
remember it is just a smile upside down.
If you form the habit of turning it right way up,
You’ll suddenly find that life’s not quite as rough.
But for the times that are not that smooth,
a simply smile can lift the mood.

I wish that they would teach in school,
what I like to call the “happy rule”.
In order to be content a while,
all you got to do is smile.

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (

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