What a Pity

The missing Horse-chestnut Tree

In front of a house, close by the sea,

there stood a beautiful horse-chestnut tree.

How long it stood exactly, I do not know.

But it must have been a hundred years or so.

For the two hours it took to cut it down,

I looked on in sadness and with a frown.

It was dangerously close to the house, I know.

Still, what a pity to see it go.

Now, when out my window I stare,

I takes a moment to realise its no longer there.

There’s something missing for me.

Its the beautiful horse-chestnut tree.

Noel’s Poetry | GMG (teachable.com)

Lovely chestnut tree on Rockbarton Road.

chestnut tree

Perhaps well over a hundred years to this.

After another 20 minutes

chestnut tree

chestnut tree

after 90 minutes

After 93 minutes

After 96 minutes

After 2 hours

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