Pandemic – making it through

Covid-19 poster

The invisible enemy has been named Covid-19.

This pandemic is unlike anything that most of us have ever seen.

It will be tough but we’ll get through.

How hard it gets depends on what we do.

Its not natural to segregate,

as we lock down and await out fate.

But we are asked to stick together by being apart.

Stay away from those close to your heart.

Please understand that keeping “social distance”,

really will make all the difference.

Follow correct etiquette if you cough or sneeze,

so we can limit the spread of this disease.

One more thing the fight demands,

is simply that we often wash our hands.



At a minimum, these are the tactics we must employ,

if the enemy we are to stop and ultimately destroy.

Yes, isolation will be hard.

And of fatigue we must be on our guard.

And when the going gets really tough,

we must find ways to keep out spirits up.

In place of out stretched hand and caring touch,

in place of close company we crave so much,

we need ways to communicate our love and care,

and the feelings we want to share.

Its not natural to be in this state,

self-imposing isolation as we await our fate.

Some are really fearful and alone.

Their only contact might be by phone.

So make that call, send that text or post that letter.

You and they will both feel better.

So whether close or far away,

make that contact, now, today.

But keep in mind the restriction,

and the purpose of the isolation.

This is going to take a little while,

so seek out things that make you smile.

Meanwhile stay safe and stay apart.

We must endure but don’t lose heart.


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