Public Masses Cancelled

The following notice is on the Church notice Board.

Masses Cancelled

Church Notice Board

For some people attending Mass or other religious ceremonies, as well as being a way of religious observance, may also be one of a few opportunities in the week to to have social contact with others. The isolation protocols we will have to use to try and control the spread of coronavirus ( Covid-19) are likely in the coming weeks to become more stringent, and possibly last for several months.

People may be able to view religious services on webcams, TV or listen to them on a radio. Do they have the details?   See

Mass will be broadcast at 10AM daily from for the next few weeks.

But people still need social contact for their mental and physical health. What can you do to help alleviate any isolation felt by your parents, grandparents, neighbours or others?

What practical matters can you help out with or remind people of? If someone normally hired a taxi to take them to Sunday Mass, does the taxi need to be cancelled. Do the people you know living alone actually know that the Mass or other service is cancelled for now? Do you have their phone number to hand so that you can phone them for a chat a few times a week? Or can you pass it on to someone else you think they would like to hear from. Can you set up a system for someone to be able to make video calls. If going out for your groceries can you also do the shop for a neighbour or relative?

Now would be a good time to give a little thought to how we as a community can support one another during the next few weeks. Many people will help if they realise that they can. They just may need a little prompt now and again. Feel free to forward and share practical suggestions as to how we can help one another by adding a comment in the box below.



The Post Office  and will open at 8am on Fridays to facilitate older people collecting their social welfare payments.

Woodies is reserving Thursdays for over 60s and at risk and vulnerablecustomers. Thet are asking all others to please shop on a different day.


The supermarkets are also implementing designated shopping for the elderly and vulnerable individuals, as well as family carers. They’re particularly asking people with children to avoid coming into the stores during those hours.

Dunnes Stores, between 11am and 1pm each day.

Lidl from 9-11am every day

Tesco has introduced similar measures in its stores, with Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings up to 9am designated for elderly customers and family carers.







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