Public consultation on future use of Leisureland



Update  30/10/16

An open consultation afternoon/evening session is being held in the Inishmore Suite of the Galway Bay Hotel from 4pm – 7pm on Thursday 6th October 16.

Members of the public are invited to meet with the consultants at this time. It appears that the morning session for “local interest group” does not include local residents. I will seek clarification on this.

An online survey will also be available from Thurs 6th October 16 to enable the public to express their views. This may be accessed via a link on the homepage of the Galway City Council website – and the Leisureland website


A public consultation on the future use of the Leisureland including the funfair site is due to begin next month.

Consultancy firm Sport Leisure Culture have been tasked with compiling a feasibility study on the complex.

An open day is scheduled to take place on October 6th where local interest groups, the business community and city councillors will be asked for their submissions on possible uses for the site.  I am sure the invitations to the local residents and those most affected by developments there are in the post. This will be followed by an open public forum in the afternoon.

The study will include an appraisal of the existing operation and will include the provision of income generating and cost cutting options. The study requires the identification of short, medium, and long term options for both the site and the facility itself.

The funfair site is currently only used for four months of the year for the funfair. It occassionally serves as a carpark, and has accommodated the Ice Ring at Christmas time, and most recently played host to Fossett’s Circus..

Local residents are encouraged to take the opportunity to voice their opinions as to what should be included or excluded from activities at the complex and to put forward any suggestions they have for improvements in the facility and its operation.


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