Launching TutorTXT for Junior Cert Science

TutorTXT phone logoWith the new year comes a new offering from Galway Maths Grinds. I am delighted to be launching TutorTXT for Junior Cert Science.

There are two key steps to learning a new topic; first we use rote learning to assemble a collection of basic facts, and then we combine them in different ways to develop understanding. TutorTXT helps with the first step by sending bite-sized chunks of information to your mobile phone, one fact at a time everyday.

You can access these facts at your convenience, at at time or place that suits you. Its like having a deck of flash cards in your pocket that you can pull out any time you like, and without having to carry anything extra with you. You can make use of otherwise dead-time, such as waiting for a bus, in a doctor’s surgery, being driven to or from school etc. Just whip out your phone and review the information stored on it.

The layout of the papers for Junior Cert Science are particularly suited to the the bite sized snippets of information contained in the daily text messages from TutorTXT. All information sent is based on questions from past examination papers.

Three months of daily texts covering the facts on your junior cert science course cost just €18, less than half the price of a single grind.

Signing up is simple. For those whose mobiles operate on the Meteor network simply click this buy now link, purchase the PDF document which will give you the code to text to the number provided. That’s it. Once you text your code, you will then start receiving your daily texts.

For those whose mobiles operate on other networks a more manual system is required for the moment, so numbers will be limited. Just text with TutorTXT in the subject line for details.


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