W3 Projects helps Digitise the West

Are you a small business struggling with the on-line world?

Come to Digitise the West to find out more about being on-line.

Digitise the West is an opportunity for businesses and individuals to learn more about on-line media opportunities that drive business results in a simple, effective and affordable manner. Following on from our successful first Digitise the West last year W3 Projects, once again, presents “Digitise the West” on Friday 15th June in Galway’s Harbour Hotel from 2:30 until 6pm.

Coming from a diverse range of work and life experiences W3 Projects members are a group of business professionals that help new and established companies grow their business on-line through social media, on-line marketing and web development.

The W3 projects group evolved from the government supported Webactivate course run by the Digital Skills Academy in 2010. On completion of the course the participants resolved not to waste the opportunity to continue their growth and development through mutual support and sharing of knowledge and experience. And with the cooperation and support of the Galway Technical Institute (GTI), a unique experiment in self-directed adult education began with the set-up of the W3 projects group.

So, if you are struggling with your Facebook likes and your Twitter tweets, curious about how to go about getting a website, or how to take  best advantage of on-line resources you already have in place, come join us on

Date: Friday 15th June
Time: 2.30 – 6.00pm
Venue: Galway Harbour Hotel

Admission is free but as space is limited booking is recommended on line at http://w3projects.org/digitise-the-west-2012 or by contacting Michelle Frawley at 0863735113

Hope to see you there!

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